Need help!

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to build a quick course for some foreign students who are taking an English exam. So it's grammar based with some reading exercises. I've got 50 odd vocabulary points as core content and need exercises for them. I could do it the 'old-fashioned' way but I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas which won't bring on a snooze fest.



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Bob S

Hi Robert,

I think the key here is "foreign students".... So whatever you come up with has to be relevant and easily identifiable for them. For example, gamifying with a nod to a TV program or common board game might have no relevance to them at all.

So have you thought about something more culturally universal like a maze-based approach?  After all, English grammar is not the easiest to grasp as it's a mish mash of rules that can be as confusing as a labyrinth.  Could even have bad-grammar traps/rooms in your labyrinth they have to avoid.... don't get caught by the affect/effect riddle master!

Bob S

Hi Robert,

I do not have one that can be shared.  But on the simple/easy end of the scale, this can be done simply as a maze graphic with hotspots used as the navigation for the course.  Then each "room" or "hallway" they visit in the maze has a grammar rule.

More immersive versions with dead-ends and double backs can be created in SL2 for sure. But that's going to be based on your comfort level and timeline available for the project.