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Nicole Legault

Hey Tatyana, 

Thanks for coming to the community with your question. This is a Free New Hire ORientation Course Template from Tom's Rapid E-Learning blog that you may find handy.  You'll also find tons of great examples in the E-Learning Examples hub, of all types that may inspire you. There's also this great Rise example of a New Employee Orientation Course.  You might also get some good ideas from this article: Great Ideas to Improve New Hire Onboarding. Hope these resources are helpful!

Sarah Hodge

Hi Stefanie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂

If you’re looking for onboarding ideas with topics that are relevant to anyone working in an office or at home, you might want to check out this free download by Nicole. This article also gives some helpful ideas on what content to include in a new employee orientation training. I hope that helps!

Sarah Hodge

Hi Remy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I created a similar template to what you're describing. The focus was on creating a branded prototype, but the onboarding elements are all there (e.g. Our History, Your Benefits, The Team, About Us, Contact Info). Feel free to download and use this template for your own needs.