Page curl png

Hi all,

I admit this is pretty basic, but after a fruitlessĀ search for a piece-of-paper graphic (couldn't find one quite in the style I was after), I watched a tutorial by Tom and had a go myself. I had to play around to try and get the page curl, and simple though it is, I was still pretty chuffed at getting something resembling what was in my brain. In celebration I thought I'd share it! Hope of use to someone :)

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Tom Kuhlmann

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

If you wanted to enhance it and make the lines smoother, you can play around with the curve tool and compare it to the drawing tool. The curve gives you less edit points so you can get a cleaner curve.

Right click on the shape and select edit points to play around with the feature. You can also make points smooth or straight. Takes a little practice, but I think you'll like what you see.