pdf as course content and tracking acknowledgement in LMS


We just got our Articulate 360 activated and have an urgent project that needs to go out to our LMS asap.

We have an 8-page pdf document we need our employees to read, preferably within the course and not another url or attachment. At the end, there will be an acknowledgement statement where they can choose whether they Agree or Disagree. Their completion will be recorded in the LMS when they choose Agree.

Is this achievable in Storyline and can anyone share specific resource to do this?

Thank you.

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Leny and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I haven't created anything like that before, but I'm thinking this solution might do the trick:

  • Insert a graded question slide (True/False or Multiple Choice) 
  • Make the answer options Disagree/Agree and put them at the bottom of the slide
  • Insert a web object onto the same slide for your pdf and resize it so the buttons are visible
  • Insert a Blank Results slide and customize it to say something like: Thank you!

The displayed results will depend on your publishing selection and which LMS you use. And of course, I can't speak to the legal side of whether completing that is legally binding if that's important to you. But I hope that gives you a possible option.  I'm interested to see what other solutions the community has to share.