Pluck the Turkey

The Instructional Design Team at the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus (Kathi Baldwin, Tina Coulston, Nicole Duclos) wanted to create an introduction to gamification in higher education for our faculty. We have a faculty blog where we are introducing the concepts of gamification, but we decided we should try to create a short, simple game to really make this information fun. And being close to Thanksgiving, well, "Pluck the Turkey" was born! Pluck the Turkey was followed up by a webinar with Karl Kapp (thank you Karl) speaking more about the elements of games in education. Next we'll be launching a 10-Day Faculty Challenge starting December 1.

We worked together to come up with our storyboard, and then Nicole took over the actual design and creation using Storyline. Because of our licensing of the art within this project, we can't share the back end with you, but of course, you are free to link to the game and we're happy to discuss the elements that went into the design. Nicole laments that she didn't have time to make all the turkey feathers pluck the way she originally envisioned, but you get the idea!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and feel free to Pluck the Turkey!

~Kathi, Tina and Nicole

pluck turkey

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