Problems with a course containing videos

I have a course that has 25 ish mp4 video files throughout it.  Some slides have short 1-2 min videos attached to layers. 

my problem is that in some parts of the course (latter part) I am getting a plain screen with  Error screen.  This means that I cannot complete the course.

How can I fix?. 

ie do I need to pull apart any screens containing videos  in layers.

Is it an overload - memory caching problem?.

Is it the inherent flash player (within Articulate)?

All help would be appreciated


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Becky Hayes

Hi Jackie,

I have had some difficulties with videos in this latest version of Storyline, too. Are you watching your published file with a browser? I learned the hard way that Storyline and Firefox don't play nicely together, and the videos won't play in the published file. Chrome seems to handle them fine, though. I am assuming this will be fixed, and may be addressed already in the subsequent updates.

Maybe this info will help you, but if not, I will be interested to see what others share here. I am currently working on a project with two videos, so I am anxious to see if it works out this time. If all else fails, I would send the video to the tech support people at Articulate. They have always been able to help me when I had weird file issues in the past.


Jackie Henry

Thanks for your comment.   I have tried firefox and Internet explorer which both failed.

Adjusted the global settings/trusted sites in IE and found it has fixed the problem of running locally on the PC.  my course needs to be 'served' from a tincan LMS.... still having same problems.  I will try Chrome ....just in case its browser related....and post an update when done.