PSSST: A new, improved E-Learning Heroes is on its way

I wanted to share some exciting news: We’re rolling out a brand-new E-Learning Heroes site next week. It’ll make it even easier for you to get everything you need to create great courses.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • More great content: Find hundreds of articles, how-tos, tutorials, and videos on everything e-learning. And we’ll add fresh stuff daily!

  • E-Learning 101 articles: Read new articles that provide guidance on every aspect of course development. This is great content for newbies.

  • Inspirational examples: Take a spin through our new examples page to get ideas and inspiration.

  • Helpful discussions: Get advice, inspiration, and help from our community of 158,000+ e-learning professionals.

  • Resources galore: Download free e-books, course templates, design assets, job aids, and more to make your job easier.

  • More E-Learning Challenges: Check out our weekly E-Learning Challenges to try new skills, build your portfolio, and get inspired.

Looking forward to seeing what you think!

Community Team

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Brian Gil

Hi Owen,

Thanks for the feedback; we're definitely listening. The "subscribed" filter should be a reasonable alternative for filtering discussions to those where you posted. But it's not exactly the same especially retroactively.

On "favorites", we're investigating how to bring those forward. Stay tuned!



The problem with "subscribe" versus the filter functionality is that it can/will/does generate a bunch of email. My inbox is full to bursting already without all of the added notifications that will now occur when I am active in the forum. Just my 2 cents. (But the customer IS always right.... ) :)