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Sarah Hodge

Hi Chetna and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 

I want to make sure I understand. Can you share a little more about what you're trying to do? Are you looking to have a quiz or a survey? After the learners' answer, do you want to link out to a course? Or stay within Storyline 360 or Rise 360? Any extra detail you can share will help us point you in the right direction. 

Sarah Hodge

Thanks for the extra detail Chetna! This is possible, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Option 1: Create one course with multiple learning paths. Then on the questionnaire slide, use triggers and variables to direct learners to a particular path depending on their answer. With the expanded quiz tracking feature, you can track whichever learning path they end up on. 

Option 2: If you have links to the other course content, create your questionnaire slide. Then use the jump to URL/File trigger to open up a specific course depending on their responses using triggers and variables. If you're using an LMS, the issue may come down to tracking and reporting on the users' score and completion. You may need to ask your LMS team if they have a way to link to individual courses.