Responsive and Adaptive Design

Hi all,  

I'm currently looking to make sure that all the courses and resources I build can not only be accessed from any device, but feel like they belong on those devices. Whilst there's obviously a whole range of learning theory considerations, my main concern here is the technical aspect of building responsive or adaptive learning.

I've experimented with Gomo, Adapt and Adobe Muse (a website builder rather than a learning development tool) with some success but, having used Storyline for dozens of projects, I'd love to be able to make it work in this fashion.

All this boils down to two questions:

1. Is there a way of Storyline recognising what device a learner is using and loading up the appropriate version of a course (which would involve building more than one version - not ideal but workable in some cases)?

2. What practical (or technical) tips do people have for ensuring that a Storyline project can simultaneously feel at home on a desktop, a tablet and a mobile phone beyond big text and big buttons (for example, avoiding animations such as 'wipe' and 'grow' which won't work on a mobile but will on desktop)? 

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Jack. Thanks for sharing your questions with us. Regarding your first question about if there's a way for Storyline to recognize the learner's device and load the appropriate version of the course, this article details how Storyline behaves today when publishing your content for mobile.

As for the future, we're not sharing too much info on this just yet, but we're hard at work on getting our new responsive course player into your hands as soon as possible. You can read more details about the responsive player, our multi-device stance and other plans here. Stay tuned for updates on this front!

Regarding your second question, Nicole Legault wrote this article full of practical tips for creating mobile-optimized e-learning in Storyline. It sounds like it might have some of the ideas you're looking for. Hopefully some other folks who are creating mobile-optimized courses will chime in with their tips and advice as well.