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I am developing a sales course based on a new product/solution for my company. The content is aimed at our sales personnel, this is my first course and I would appreciate any ideas on how to make it a bit interactive. Especially with regards to presenting the features of this product, just listing them with pics is rather dull.

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Ryan DeWitt

Hi there. Definitely write/design a scenario where you put your Sales learner in the role they will be in. Provides context and increases retention. So you could present 3 sales scenarios at course start and the VO says, (a picture of 3 human in business casual attire) select a Sales member to begin (each trigger to a scene) . They'll need to complete all scenarios. 

The learning objectives are stated as a side note in a supplemental help screen you would design, however definitely include measurable learning objectives somewhere.  

hopes this helps, can't wait to hear other ideas. - Ryan D. 

Bob S


We all know that sales are made when relevant benefits are matched to customer needs (expresses or unexpressed).  The key words in that statement being "relevant" and "benefits".

So you also may want to consider different matching-type activities that go beyond feature/advantage lists. Perhaps Customer A expresses the following needs; which benefits that our product offers do you feel would best meet those needs?

Full scenarios are great too, but take time and if your sales team is experienced, may be more than they need. You will have to decide that for them.  But in any case, the point is to relentlessly tie every feature/advantage to a customer-centric benefit. Then give them an opportunity to apply the benefits somehow..... not the features.    Make sense?

Hope this helps and good luck!