Survey Question Usage

I'm developing a leadership course and need some help from the community experts both staff and non staff. I want to be able to have the learner answer questions that aren't quiz questions. For instance, a question will be What does leadership mean to you? This is more of an essay question that I want to use to have the learner think and reflect throughout the course. I think I can use a survey question or a free form question to accomplish this. However, I want to be sure the learner actually completes the question so I'm not sure how to do this.

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

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john faulkes


If you create a short entry or essay survey question, or if you create a manual text entry object, SL will set up a variable usually called TextEntry.

Your next button, (for example) can be set so that it will move to the next page, or wherever the package jumps to, but only if the condition is met that TextEntry is not equal to 'blank' (don't put anything in called 'blank', just leave the field empty).

You could also have an on screen piece of text that says 'you must provide an answer' or something like that, and set its state to 'hidden' when the timeline starts. Create a trigger that will change its state to 'normal', when the next button is pressed, again with the condition above.