Text Heavy and Financial Data content heavy PPT's to Engaging Elearning


Has anyone got any examples of dealing with text heavy and Financial Data heavy "screencaptured" images and Excel files etc etc and turning them into interesting and engaging E-learning Content? I have some ideas, but I am sure there are plenty of people here that may have faced this challenge and I would be interested to see how they dealt with it?

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Ray Cole

What are your learners expected to do with this financial data in Excel? Get with your subject matter expert (SME) and find out the top 5 or top 10 tasks learners need to be able to accomplish with the data and the software.

Then for each task, create a "Show Me How" / "Let Me Try" page where, if they click "Show Me How," you walk them through a screencast of how to accomplish the task; if they click "Let Me Try," you let them do the task themselves in simulation.

When you design your course this way, learners spend time practicing the skills you want them to have, not just reading about them or memorizing facts to parrot back in a multiple choice quiz.

On the other hand, if most or all of the tasks are performed in software, it might be better to simply create downloadable/printable job aids that walk learners through the relevant steps. These tend to be easier to use while actually using the real software (compared to trying to watch a video walkthrough of the task while simultaneously using following along in the software). This approach will also be much easier to implement, and could be just as or more effective than an e-learning course on the subject.