There are a lot more cutout people at your fingertips!

The latest version of PowerPoint expands the characters you can use in your e-learning. In PowerPoint go to the Insert menu, choose Icon. You'll see an expanded icon set along with new stickers, stock images, and cutout people. There are currently 19 characters with over a hundred poses each. Just insert the character on the slide and either save as a picture and insert into Storyline, or copy and paste it into Storyline. 


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Stephanie,

This is great!  Unfortunately all I am seeing when I select Insert and Icons in the standard set of icons (black on white); I don't even get the option for stock images, cutout people or stickers.

I am running the latest version of PowerPoint through Office 365 and even did an update check after seeing your post despite the fact that my updates are set to automatic, but to no avail. I was informed that I was running the latest version. All I can think is that, if this version has perhaps only just been released, it hasn't yet reached the Microsoft servers in the bottom right hand corner of the southern hemisphere !!

If that is the case, hopefully it will arrive sooner rather than later. Anyway, thanks for the preview of what to expect one day, much appreciated.  :-)

Ned Whiteley

HI Stephanie,

I suspect you have the jump on the rest of us through the Insider program Monthly Channel with more regular updates. My version looks quite different as I am only on the Semi-Annual Channel. Perhaps I will get your latest update at the end of June. Something to look forward to :-)