Trigger with multiple If conditions not responding

I have created a Jeopardy-like game using one of your gaming templates. The base game working OK, there are four categories and four questions in each category. I want the game slide to either show a results layer at the end of play or advance to a results slide. I have set up  T/F variables for the select buttons and have tried when all button are true but it will not advance. I also tried triggering on button states when all are disabled and again will not advance. I am thinking this may be a time to try javascript as a solution but am not sure how. Attached is a simplified version with only 1 round of play and only one row of questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

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Kristin Hatcher

So to sum up, what is not working for you is that you want the game to proceed automatically to a results slide, and it's not working, is that correct? I think you may be on the right track with states, but looking at your project it looks like there could be a couple things going on. 

1) One of your triggers is set to show the results layer when the timeline ends on that slide, but the slide is set to advance "By User," and so I don't think there is really a timeline "running." It gets confusing because when using slides set to advance by user, you can still successfully use triggers that start when the timeline starts. 

2) The same triggers using the above timeline approach are set to jump to results slide when the state of the buttons are disabled. However, these buttons are never set to become disabled. You could add more triggers, but it will be easier to make it so the jump to results happen when the state of all the buttons is Visited. Visited is a state that will happen naturally once the button is clicked. 

So the trigger should look like the attached. I tried it myself and it worked. 

John Fritts

OK, I see my error on the Slide advances when setting. So far so good. I see your trigger logic and used it set up to advance to next slide when all buttons are visited BUT using that logic, when the last button is visited and the slide advances to the results , and the last game question is never shown so evaluating that question/answer is not possible, so the game is still broken.  I have tried creating a new variable to control this and only advance the results slide when new variable All_Btns_Visited is true. 

Kristin Hatcher

Well for crying out loud you are correct and I was moving fast on Friday and didn't even notice what I'd done. Sorry about that!

You have a continue button on each answer for each question. Possibly a trigger set on the continue button to that will forward to the results slide once all questions have been answered. You will have to add the trigger to every single continue button. Luckily the copy/paste feature for triggers will work perfectly here. You can copy your trigger and paste on every layer, just be sure you make sure that the trigger is referring to the right button. I'm forever forgetting that the button name may have changed between layers, such as from "continue" to "continue 1."

I've attached a screenshot to show you what I think the triggers should look like. Let's try this. 

(Updated with correct screenshot. The other one still had "leftover" triggers that you had put in)