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Bruce Graham


Are these about experience in terms of useability (in terms of access, navigation etc.), or experience in terms of "...how much use" the courses have been?

What, exactly, are you trying to find out from your users?

What is your current % completion on your existing surveys.

Here's the big question......does anyone ever ACT based on these? In many organisations they are just left, with no analysis or action.


Mike Schwind

All great questions Bruce. I manage the eLearning development for a company that has about 1000 employees. We build and launch all eLearning training for the associates. Been doing this for years. Topics range from annual compliance training to systems-type training on our processing software. We currently use....or should say don't really use, the built in survey mechanism in our LMS (SumTotal LMS). Very few people ever fill out the surveys and the content from the surveys is hard to extract from the LMS for us to use. Do we ever act on this information?.....nope. That's what I want to change. I've been in the eLearning world for 15 years....this job for 5, and it's time to get rid of boring, ineffective training. I want to develop a meaningful survey (meaningful for me and my development team) to get user feedback on their experiences after they went through an eLearning module. I want both useability and applicability comments. I'm going to pursue an easier way for the learner to provide this feedback and for us to have access to it and therefore act on it.

So I'm looking for any ideas for types of questions, example surveys would be even better. Thanks for your help.  Mike

Erika Fakler

Hi, Mike-

I can share my team's basic questions.  As far as choices for the first five questions, we are sticking with a continum of Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.  (Neutral is not an option.) 

I hope this gives you some ideas,


1.        Navigating the eLearning was easy.

2.       The length of the eLearning was appropriate.

3.       The information was clear and easy to understand.

4.       The skills/knowledge gained in this learning activity apply directly to my job.

5.       I will use the new skills/knowledge gained in this learning activity.

6.       What comments or suggestions do you have regarding this presentation?

7.       What else do you need to know about (insert topic here)?