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Simon Perkins

I'm one of those people that tends to like one thing, eg style, until I spend too much time investigating a new thing (style), at which point I start preferring the latter. This is one of the reasons it took me a fair amount of time to settle on the look and feel for my website - I wanted it flat, but kept being seduced by sub-alternatives. Once I leapt off the fence and made a commitment, that was it. No more looking at other themes and sites for inspiration.

Re organic images, I'm only really a fan when done well. Don't really like the images in that link TBH. I tend to go to GraphicRiver and have a look around. It's often far better to snap up a couple of images/logo packs/icon packs for a few pounds than spend hours trying to replicate in PS/Gimp/PPT etc. Here's a sample of their flat designs, their line designs and their organic designs (requires a bit more filtering / drilling down).

Even if you don't buy anything, it's worth using sites like this to create lightboxes and SnagIts for inspiration.