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BJ Campbell

I use it to develop storyboards of workflows for SharePoint team site development. Use it to catalog workflows, step by step.

Visio is a nice tool, and you can develop links between pages and images. PowerPoint is better for developing storyboards, but Visio could be a neat tool to catalog navigation links and the overall workflow.

Jonathon Miller


It is actually a tool for building workflow diagrams. I have used it in the same way as Owen, the sketch out intense navigation. You can do it in PowerPoint as you said, but Visio is designed for workflow diagrams. I will sketch out the navigation in Visio and provide it as a sort of map with storyboards.

Peter Burn

I have used Visio to flowchart eLearning apps since 1995.  The flowcharts provide the scriptwriter and eLearning Developer with a blueprint of the course.  SMEs like the diagrams because it makes it easy for them to organize their content and match it to the flowchart.  The Visio drawings can prevent major revisions because the client sees exactly how the course works,.  Oftentimes we'll do a screen print of the flowchart then make a demo in Storyline where hovering over, for example, the Intro page square shows a screen capture of the Storyline page/slide.