Warning Layer for Next Button Returns to Previous Layer

Good morning!

I have a slide with 4 buttons, all of which must be viewed before moving to the next slide. I'm using built-in navigation and set the next button to disabled until the slide is complete (using variables and conditions). I also have a warning layer that if the user clicks the next button before visiting all layers, it says "warning...".

What I'm wanting to know is if the user is on a layer and clicks the next button, the warning message appears (which is good) but when they close the warning message, it hides the warning layer and goes back to the base layer, thus marking the button to the layer as visited. 

Is there a way to hide the warning layer AND return to the layer that the user was on before clicking the next button?

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Joe Waddington

I can think of two ways to try this:

Change the settings on the layer so that it doesn't hide other layers. That seems to be the easiest way.

The more complex way would be to assign a variable to track which layer they were on. Then set a variable to the close warning button to show the appropriate layer based on the variable.

Both seem like it would work, and which you used would depend on how much control you wanted, I think.