We Need Technical Alerts and Bulletins

I'm going to make a feature request for this but wanted to added a discussion thread here on this . . .

When a serious technical issue arises (like the most recent problem of blank slide previews with the latest version of the Flash player, or the problems that arose with iOS9's release), you should immediately issue a technical alert to users, probably via something like e-mail.

Please consider being more proactive in alerting users to serious issues.  It just makes good business sense.   In all likelihood, this may only happen once or twice a year but it would be appreciated--and save users time.  

It makes no sense to have a user experience an issue and waste time trying to overcome it before filing a bug report or using the forums when an earlier e-mail alert could have prevented all the frustrations.

You could send out alerts to all registered software users or set something up for people to subscribe to. or something related.

Right now, you either have to file a bug report and then may get feedback from support, or you have to be active in the forums and then happen to see a thread with the issue, or see something online elsewhere or be informed of the problem by a colleague.

In many large organizations, those responsible for managing and sponsoring Articulate software are often not active users or forum users.  They may IT or HR professionals who may get blindsided by their internal Articulate users when they experience problems and start reporting them internally.  In some cases, by getting alerted early, such professionals may be able to do something (for example, with the recent Flash issue, they might be able to delay an automated push of the latest Flash player to internal users).

In addition, a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly technical update should also be considered, much like you do with blogs and other resources for creating courses.  Such an update could list new or updated KB articles and a summary of open, serious technical issues.

This would also be great PR.  By being proactive, you could inform users early of issues that are not your fault and shape opinion correctly.


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Adele Sommers

This suggestion makes eminent sense, Gerry! Thank you for being so proactive on this subject, which affects many thousands of users and their workplaces. Anything alert system that can improve our authoring experiences and help us avoid unnecessary hassles, research, and downtime would be most welcome!