What Kind of Leader are You Stoyrline Example Help

Someone created this quiz  based on this Inc. magazine article. http://www.inc.com/magazine/201310/adam-bluestein/what-kind-of-leader-are-you.html

I was hoping to find the source file they created so I can modify it and use it in a course I'm developing I can't remember who did it or if  he/she even made the source file available.

Does anyone remember who did it or where I can find the source file?

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Marty,

Yes, I know! I did an entry for that challenge too.

Here's my entry: http://www.jackievannice.com/challenge_branching_info/story.html

Here's my post with a link to the original infographic: http://www.jackievannice.com/?p=175060840

You'd said:

"It was Stephanie Harnett who created this sample course called the Info game as part of a community challenge."

So I was just saying I'd love to see her entry since I didn't see it in the challenge thread. I thought you must have a link to it since you've clearly seen it somewhere and liked it very much!

Hope you find it soon. :)