Who wants articulate training in Australia?

Hi all,

I am an experienced articulate developer, trainer and instructional designer (you can see some of my courses here (http://www.elearningconsultant.com.au/samples.htm). I am thinking about developing two training coures as follows:

How to use Articulate Studio

How to apply instructional design principles in Articulate Studio

Would anybody in Australia be interested in doing this training if I developed the courses?



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Jodie Nelson

Hi Dave,

All of my Articulate learning has been via hit and miss trials and reading Blogs etc.  I have been frustrated with a particular company in Australia, who are supposedly Articulate representatives, in the past.  It may be that my skill level has gone beyond what you are offering but I'd be interested to hear more so see if it would suit me.  I'm based in Victoria down near the beach .

Aus JN

David Becker

Thanks Martin and Jodie,

I have yet to write them because I want to get a feel for the demand before investing my time in development, but broadly speaking I was thinking along these lines:

COURSE 1 - Articulate 101


  • 1 day course introducing the basic functionality of Articulate software, to get you on your way with creating eLearning
  • User guide provided
  • Hands on training in which participants are expected to bring some content and over the course of the day,develop a short course.

Topic 1: Introduction

  • Introducing Articulate studio
  • Thinking about your course

Topic 2: Structural elements

  •  Interface design
  •  Navigation
  • Player templates and controls
  • Adding presenters and logos

Topic 3: Animated screens

  • Designing and positioningscreen elements
  •  Animating screen elements

Topic 4: Interactions

  • Overview of Interactionsavailable
  •  Overview of games available
  • Using interactions effectively

Topic 5: Quiz questions

  • Overview of quizzes available
  •  Using quizzes formatively andsummatively
  • Using quizzes as surveys

Topic 6: Adding media

  •  Recording and importing audio
  •  Synching audio and using annotations
  • Adding flash movies
  •   Embedding web objects
  • Using Video encoder

Topic 7: Adding scaffolds

  •  Using tabs and slide notes
  • Adding attachments

Topic 8: Using Slide Properties

  •  Setting course levels
  •  Branching slides
  •  Slide properties

Topic 9: Publishing

  •  Quality Settings and Preferences
  •  Publishing to web, CD or SCORM

COURSE 2 - Apply ID principles using Articulate


  • 1 day course introducing three popular theories and how to apply them using Articulate Studio to build more effective self-paced eLearning, plus a range of other good adult learning principles.
  •  Assumes a competent level of skill with the software, recommended prerequisite is Articulate 101 course.
  • User guide provided
  • Hands on training in whichparticipants are expected to bring some content and over the course of the day,develop the same course in three ways.

Topic 1: Introduction

  • Strengths and weaknesses of self-paced eLearning
  •  Introducing conditions of learning
  •  Introducing problem based learning
  • Introducing andragogy

Topic 2: Design

  • Learning objectives
  • Content mapping
  •  Interactions selection
  • Planning media
  • Assessment approach

Topic 3: Conditions of learning

  • Designing your topic
  •  Building your topic
  • Critique

Topic 4: Problem based learning

  • Designing your topic
  •  Building your topic
  • Critique

Topic 5: Andragogy

  • Designing your topic
  •  Building your topic
  • Critique

Topic 6: Discussion

  • When these theories work and when they don't
  • How to interpret and apply any theory using Articulate studio
  • How to use blended learning to enhance learning outcomes

Any thoughts?

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Martin Cridge

Hi Dave

I think there is a potential market there, I know more government departments are looking at training staff up and developing courses in house using tools such as Articulate which isn't surprising looking at the prices some E-Learning development companies charge!! and your topic outlines seem to cover most of the important points, I'd maybe do a quick topic on general design, fonts, colours, layout, white space, etc..


Jodie Nelson

Hi Dave,

I would have loved to have access to this type of course when I was first starting out.  Definitely think you have a winner there.  Also love the idea of the second course and building the same content three ways.  I wondered about requiring the participants to do the Articulate 101 first?  I would say that there will be people out there with the basics who would like the second course only so maybe evidence of prior learnign would be sufficient?!?!!??!  Do you know of any courses, or are you thinking of running a course, which specifically looks at video and user firendly size of files with good quality.  That is the area I am struggling with at the moment.


David Becker

Yep, there is a prerequisite between the two, and as you say, for experienced users wanting course 2 I would need to verify they can keep up. Sorry don't know of training regarding video, but am sure it would exist, look at tafes, they would offer short courses especially those involved in game design and multimedia.

Alison Bickford

Hi David

It's great to review your activity on this forum.

I do run introductory Articulate courses, authoring being just one component of e-learning course building along with instructional design, visual design and project management. It became an offering as an outcome of my role as e-coach to E-Learning Academy members. However, my Articulate skills are not as evolved as yours and I probably won't have the opportunity to build my skills in this area - I just don;t have the time.

I'd love to be able to recommend you to my clients when they have got the basics down pat. I can see how developing a greater understanding of the functionality can inform both instruction and visual design to that next level.

Please let me know when you are ready to roll out this 2 day offering. I think I would probably have 3-4 clients a year who would be interested.

Best wishes, Alison

Alison Bickford

Hi Dave

I should add that I did locate a Sydney-based provider that proposed an 'advanced' workshop for one of my clients (again, acknowledging my basic skills in Articulate authoring), but the provider wanted $5500 for the 1 day workshop which was prohibitive for my client, so it didn't happen. Just FYI.

If you could work out an offering that could be commercial, I think it would be great. You could advertise it in AITD.

Good luck, Dave!


craig mack


I think there's definitely a market for this. I've just purchased Articulate studio and trying to find a provider to teach me how to use it. There are very few and not much availability. Those that do offer on site with a min group number, with only me requiring the training it's proving a bigger challenge than i imagined, or think is necessary.

You're outline looks on par with the few i've come across so go forth and create i say.


Renee Tregonning

Hey David,

I'm like Jodie, I believe I am an advanced user of Articulate however where I fall down is on Project size. I have been given a project to complete with users being across Australia with very different network connections and computer capacity. We use our LMS (Moodle) to distribute and collate the results (most courses are compliance driven). My issues possibly fall into the multi-media realm where project size is my main issue with audio, images and flash elements.

Advice on this would be very valuable... if anyone knows who I should speak with in Melbourne who could consult on this, this would be fantastic! I am looking for a solution or consultation very quickly.

RE: your course for Articulate looks great, I would definitely be keen to complete Course 2.



Gabriele Dovis (italgo)

Good idea David,

I am trying to start something like this in Italy, via my website mosaicoelearning.
I have already received some request for courses, and I'm busy at the moment building the course structure for potential clients.

If you would like to share some thought, just knock!

Beck Verity

Hi David

I am pleased to announce that B Online Learning have just been made the Exclusive Articulate Training Provider in Australia.  We only got back from the US a few days ago so stay tuned for futher announcements.

We will be offering the certified Articulate face to face workshops from next year in captial cities around Australia. Also onsite consultation for special need areas for company's.  We will also be the training provider for Storyline later in next year too.

You can view the course structure from the Articulate website here (where we will be added soon) and for more information stay tuned to our own website www.bonlinelearning.com.au where you can register your interest. We are also a Registered Training Provider so you know you are getting quality training.

If you would like to contact me David we are always looking for experienced Articulate trainers and developers too, if this is of interest to you.



Sue Larsen

Hi David,

 it's a pity you didn't move forward with your course- i think it would have been valuable.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any Articulate support in Australia? A phone number to call for help in troubleshooting issues with Articulate?

Incidentally, if anyone is looking for consultancy services related to best practice online learning methodology,  I can highly recommend Alison at E-Learning academy above- a true professional and extremely skilled in what she does.

Cheers Sue

Beck Verity

Hi Sue

B Online Learning, are the Exclusive Certified Articulate Training Provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Here is a recent quote from one of our Articulate training students:
"I can’t express enough appreciation for what was learnt over the 3 days last week. It has honestly rocked my world."
Michael Zajac, NRMA .

To learn more about our programs please visit our website at http://bonlinelearning.com.au/articulate-training

We are also a Registered Training Organisation. and offer the nationally accredited Master Elearning Course fully online, and from 2014, in response to client demand, a 2 day face to face course to complement our Articulate training. 

Here is some more information on the Master Elearning F2F course: http://www.bonlinelearning.com.au/docs/MECF2F.pdf 

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.