You favourite'est ever course subject...

Just wondered what subjects people have found fun to build.

Although the course build is a bit too linear for my liking, I am currently building a commercial cleaning course that explains how all the "unseen" room cleaning stuff in a hotel takes place. I absolutely LOVE how these things work - flatwork ironing machines

So what subjects have you had FUN building a course or courses for?

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Rich Calcutt

As you know, Bruce, crane health and safety will always be top of my list...

Seriously though, I'm having fun designing an project on business sourcing and procurement at the moment. Mostly because the subject matter is so damn esoteric it's actually quite exciting when I can find ways to make it engaging and 'fun'. 

Top of the pile is a fire safety course I'm also doing now. Client originally wanted a page turner followed by 10 MCQs. What they've signed off is an interactive 'safety card' (e.g. with an 'escape the building without burning to death' simulation game. Barrel of laughs, this one!