"CSI" type of templates

I'm developinga presentationto deliver to a large group at a conference. My idea is to use the "CSI" theme to follow and facilitate keeping the group focused and working on onetopic (case)at a time. I'mlooking for animated type file cabinets, drawers that open and close, folders that can be modified,removed, opened,closed andput into a different drawerto reflect different topics (cases) being investigated,worked on or closed. Stamps to use foropen, under investigation, and closedas potential solutions or theoriesare discussed and developed. It sounded like a good idea until I started looking for the items. AsI have an idea in my head now and am really wanting to keep with the animated or whimsical appearance rather than drab, real static props I could photograph around the office. Any ideas or know of templates that could be modified or might be closeto what I'm describing?I think it would be a fun way to runmy session at the conference or a meeting. Fun for me and fun for the participants while learning. Always looking for creative ways to deliverroutine topics and often times technicalcontent pertaining to things that went wrong, so we can prevent it from happening again.Thanks... Detective Vicki

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Gina Hoekstra

Well for the stamps, I did something on my own with a font and an image ofa stamper (which is easy to find). The font I used was called Krypton. It had a "stamped" feel to it. Here is an image of a few pages fromthe course I did (I used the constructionbackground from here)...the stamped look is in the middle.

What I did was have the stamper fly down and make a "stamp" noise and the lettering appeared as the stamp flew back up. like in this image (obviously can't show the animation here):

Natalia Mueller

The CSI theme reminds me of a demo I saw on theJellyvision site for Eloqua. They use spy/mission impossible type images to set up a scenario. The topic isn't related at all, but it's a cool idea that could be translated into ppt easily enough.

If you want to see it animated, go to Jellyvision, select Eloqua and when it begins choose the Sales option.

(Gina, LOVE that course layout. There are some really cool things going on there. Thanks for sharing!)

Matt Blackstock

Hi Vicki,

I used a number of 'case file' type graphics in a previous e-learning module that may be of assistance.

The folders are bright blue (corporate colour for the organisation I was working with at the time )But can be easily changed to whatever you would like.

There were also two fonts that helped in getting the overall 'feel'. One was posted in the free section of E-learning heroes and is called 'anenjess.ttf' and the other was one I tracked down online that is free for non-commercial use and can be purchased for commercial use if required (it's called 'Stampete').

Hope they can be of use!