Articulate Review issue - file isn't there anymore

Hi guys

is anyone experiencing issue with access to published modules on Review?

Some of our modules were uploaded to Review weeks ago and suddenly they've stopped working. My colleagues and our customers keep getting this message:

The funny thing is I'm the person who uploaded all the projects and I'm able to see every module working on Review (with sharing option enabled).

How is it possible the link is working fine for me but not for the others? Can anyone shed a light please.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, folks. Thanks again for letting us know about what you're seeing in Review, and really sorry for any troubles!

Have no fear as our team is on it! To help us quickly nail down the culprit, could you share a troublesome Review link with us and confirm what browser(s) you're using? Need to send the URL privately–no sweat, here's where. We'll be standing by!

Julia Baker

We're experiencing the same issue. We published from SL360 and it appears only the projects that have a password enabled in Review have the issue, based on some minor testing we've done. We've had the problem in Chrome, Edge, and IE browsers, and from multiple projects published by different users, so it doesn't seem like a browser dependent issue.

We've also had problems with the way SL360 has been publishing to Review, so maybe that's connected to the problem. Sometimes it creates its own new project instead of updating the selected existing project, and sometimes the button to view the published project (the blue button in the successful publishing dialog box) opens a different project than the one it says it published to. It's very strange and frustrating.

Katie Riggio

Really appreciate you sharing your URLs with us, Ramona and Julia–and for all the information everyone here provided! 🌟

We can replicate the behavior on content that is password protected, and our team is working on a fix as we speak. As soon it's straightened out, we’ll let everyone in this discussion know and also post a follow-up status update here! Be in touch shortly, and thanks again for bringing this oddity to our attention!

Jacob Stone

I was using an Iphone 8 Plus on Chrome.

Also, how come there is a play button?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Jacob! Thanks for those details. I re-tested your link in iPhone 8 Plus in Google Chrome, and I was still able to view the slide without any issues. 

The Play button is expected behavior on a mobile device, as it allows you to open the content in fullscreen. The  button in the upper-left corner will allow you to exit fullscreen and return to Review 360.

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