Making alterations from feedback in Review

I have a really large elearning module that needs updating. I have published it to Review 360.  The Project Team have reviewed it and made their feedback comments.  This all worked really well.  However, as this module is so large, I have to keep dipping in and out of Review and completing the updates etc.  I have to start at the beginning of the module each time.  Is it possible to skip forward in Review.  I am only on section 2 a the moment, but this will be an issue when I get to section 12!  Many thanks for your help.


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Linda,

Thank you for reaching out! 

A couple of questions for you on this:

  • When reviewing the comments for the course, are you referring to the Feedback tab of Review 360

I look forward to hearing more from you on this! 

Linda Welch

Yes I am referring to the Feedback tab, but mainly it is to be able to skip forward so that each time I go into Review to see the feedback, I do not need to start at the beginning.  I have a lot of feedback on this project

So I am currently on Section 2 which has 32 slides.  I am currently working on the feedback for slide 20.  I am about to finish for the day.  When I come back on Monday to resume the work, I want to start at Section 2, slide 20, rather than have to go through the previous 20 slides again.

I am not sure how I can show this in a screen recording.  I have included a screenshot of my slide and feedback to see if that will help.  Thank you very much for helping me.  Kind regards Linda


Vincent Scoma

Hi Linda,

Thank you for clarifying! 

It looks like that page in the screenshot provided is the Review page. When reviewing a course in Review 360, if you click on the Feedback tab, is this more the layout you are expecting? 

The feedback tab allows you to see all comments for a project on one screen. Each thread has a screenshot so you can see exactly how the project looked when the first comment in the thread was posted. You can find more details about this here:

In regards to the resume function, there currently isn't a way to have Review 360 start at a specific scene or slide. If you would like to see this type of change to Review 360, I want to encourage you to share your thoughts with our team! You can provide more details for them here

Please let us know if you have any questions about this! 

Linda Welch

Hi Vincent,  this is great, thank you.  The feedback tab is more useful to use when making changes.  I think I have resolved the problem I had by publishing with the player controls on.  I haven't had a look at it yet, but will let you know.  Many thanks for your help.  Kind regards, Linda.