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Hi all

I love Articulate Review, it's so handy!

One addition that would be great, on top of having the screenshot, is having the screen/menu title. If this isn't on the screen at the time the reviewer hits Enter to add their comment, it is sometimes difficult to find which slide this is about ... especially in the early stages of development!

Anyway, would be a handy addition to an already great too.

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Katie Riggio

Nice to hear from you again, Michael! ūüĎč

Thanks so much for letting us know how we can make¬†Review better! I'm going to submit a¬†feature request¬†for this on your behalf, but before I do that¬†‚ÄstI want to make sure I fully understand the request.

Would you like to see the slide location/title noted somewhere on the Review page?

SS 1

We have that information listed on the Feedback page, but I can see how that would be handy in the Review tab as well!

SS 2

Hope to hear from you soon!