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Lea Agato

Hi Logan! Thanks for adding your voice. We're tracking requests for this feature and we'll let you know here if we make changes that will help.  

In the meantime, you can try adding captions with big fonts and changing the background color to make the audio block more visible.  Check out my sample below:

I hope this helps!


Logan Stahler

Hi Lea-

Thanks for the tip - the block standing out isn't the issue, it's the tiny size of the play button and that we are dealing with users who may have vision issues and technical deficiencies. They likely know what a play button looks like, but may easily overlook it given its current size! I hope the team pushed this request forward, and soon!


Cat Korpela

I'm just adding my two cents' to this discussion. I've had the same feedback from my clients. I currently have to put a large heading in the block above (AUDIO (click the arrow ► below to play) but it's not an ideal solution. I agree that users with vision problems and/or low technical skills may find it challenging to find the play button. I hope this will become a feature we can change soon!

Logan Stahler

Cat - my workaround was to create a Storyline "player" for my audio files which I then embedded into the course (see image below).

The build is simple - the play button area has a hotspot over it which plays the audio track when clicked. It also shows a new layer (a duplicate of the base but with a pause button instead of a play button). When that layer's hotspot is clicked, it pauses the audio and hides that layer so the base layer/play button appears. You can toggle between play/pause like any audio player.

Here's a screenshot of the player in line with other content. The client was very happy with it. 


I hope this helps others!