ALT Text With Edge Browser

Curiosity questions . . .

A client of ours is reviewing five modules that we just did in Rise.

She has loaded one of the modules into the SCORM Cloud.  Whenever she hovers her mouse over any element in the course (both text and images) using the new Edge browser, the ALT tag shows up as "Lesson Content."  She'd like that not to happen. 

When I view the same module with Edge on the SCORM Cloud, I see the same thing--but not when using IE11, FireFox, or Chrome (which is weird since the new Edge uses the Chromium engine).  Why?

Now something that is also weird:  if I load the course module in the Moodle LMS, instead of seeing "Lesson Content" with Edge, I see "Course Details."

Any way to get rid of seeing this ALT Text with Edge?

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