Articulate Rise - SCORM 1.2 - Cornerstone - iPhone Completino issue

I have several Rise courses published as SCORM 1.2.  After loaded on my LMS, if you view the course on an iPhone, completion does not record.  It does record completion if you view on an iPad or Windows PC.  The same courses do record completion on ScormCloud when using an iPhone.  Also, if I publish as SCORM 2004 the courses do record completion on Cornerstone.  Are there known iPhone completion issues with a Rise course published as SCORM 1.2 on Cornerstone? 

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yoampi yoampi

hi there,

we are facing some similar issues with the flipping cards interaction, bookmarking and scrolling navigation when launching a rise module (scorm 1.2) in our LMS with IPhone. Our LMS is cornerstone. For the launching we are just opening the LMS in the browser on mobile and launching the course. 

Depending on the user we are also facing completion issues. 

No idea of what is causing it and how to fix it


yoampi yoampi

Hi Leslie,

only in our LMS. when we use iPhone to access our LMS, when clicking the flipping cards the course somehow bounce up.

It's weird! We exported again the package and now navigation is working better but we keep on having that issue about the course scrolling up after clicking on the cards