Audio player formatting / visibility issues

Hi, I've run into an issue that makes the audio block essentially unusable throughout my Rise course. 

Particular sections of my content must have a dark background, and it seems there's no way to make the play button, playhead and timecode white or a light contrasting color so they are visible on the dark background. (Example attached.) Nor can I use my theme color as the background, because the playhead is stuck on the theme color, so it ends up completely disappearing. 

I don't even need to customize the player colors...but I'm surprised Rise doesn't automatically update the color to at least make it visible against dark backgrounds. Even just a manual "light/dark" player option would solve this. 

Also, the play button and time code are extremely tiny and difficult to see, especially in comparison to the default Rise font size of 17. My guess is the timecode is about a size 8.

This hard-to-read size on the player has been called out in other posts as well. In fact, it's even smaller than the minimum custom font size in the general text formatting options (12). I ask this out of genuine curiosity, not antagonistically - if you're telling us that the best user experience has a minimum font size of 12, shouldn't you follow your own rule?

Any plan to fix visibility issues with the audio player?

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