Auto formatting text on Andriod devices with courses made using Rise.


When uploading lectures made through Rise to our LMS, we've noticed that when viewed on our LMS's  android mobile app it will appear like the tablet view and not the mobile view causing the text to remain small and not auto adjust. The course will appear as expected on IOS devices. Is this suppose to happen with android devices?  Does the preview view only show the mobile IOS view and not the android view?


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Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for the help! Opening the course through the LMS  using chrome as my browser on an android mobile device, the course appears like it would on a desktop.  It also doesn't auto adjust to fit my screen.


I've attached a few screen shots to show what it looks like on an Iphone and Android device phone using our LMS app. As you can see the text on the android device doesn't auto adjust, it looks more like the tablet mode,  than the mobile mode. on an IPhone, it looks like the mobile view.


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Crystal Horn

Hey, OR.  Thanks for the screenshots.  I'd like to see if we can dig deeper on how the course displays in Chrome on your Android, since that browser is a supported viewing environment.

Would you be willing to share a learner login with me here privately so we can test out your Rise course hosted in your LMS?  Maybe we can come up with options to make sure you get the most out of the responsive nature of Rise.

If you can't share, I'm curious about the settings for that content item in your LMS.  Do you have the ability to launch the Rise course in a new window, as opposed to within the frame of your LMS?  Those settings might look something like this:

Thanks again for working through it with us!