Auto Sharing With Team Members

Hey all,

Does anyone know if Rise supports auto sharing of courses with team members? We should, as a team, be able to see all the courses and projects each other are working on however, it seems as if you can only see your teams projects if they add you as a collaborator. Is there a work around to this or is this how it is designed? If so, why?

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Holley Berley

Hi Rory,

There isn't a way to auto-share in Rise.  I agree it can be cumbersome to go into each and every course and select each and every person to share with, but I understand the thought behind it - my Rise account is filled with prototypes that would just take up space in my colleagues' course lists. 

Still, I think it would be beneficial to have an easier way to share than by having to navigate all the way into each course's share settings. It would be great to have a selector on the main Rise screen where you can choose to share multiple projects, with multiple people, in just a few clicks.

Rory Sacks

I know the thought process, but when you think about it, the pitch of the product is easy creation, collaboration and review and in truth, none of those things are really easy when the way to add team members is so cumbersome. There are ways around it to see what people are working on especially with folder creation, if the instance is shared and the creates an organized way of sorting, colleagues can just go in to a folder to see finished products, reviewable courses, etc. It just seems rather counter productive to have a cloud based system with the ability to add team members without a way to see whatever one is working on. It would be nice where upon course creation (at that first instance) you get a prompt if you want to share this course with people on your team. 

Also, it would be great if the feature auto filled with the people on your team as you began to type. 

Rory Sacks

Thanks Alyssa,

In truth, the features you all are adding have been great and really needed. IMO this is a really important functionality that is lacking. I love that Articulate is making advancements to course creation in a cloudbased platform but for a lot of organizations, being able to see what people are working on at a glance or sharing a project is a high priority. Especially with deadlines that approach and you need an extra set of hands or someone is out unexpectedly of the office and project needs to keep moving. Like I said, management being able to see status of projects that are currently being worked on as well. Especially when you look at other programs like Elucidat, Gomo, Knowbly, Sparrow, etc. 

Rory Sacks

I was wondering if there was any advancement on this topic? Even if it's being able to share a folder upon creation (Folder Name > Share With). That way we can drag and drop content into a shared folder that team members can have access to but not be overwhelmed by our own prototypes and 'dummy' courses. Similar to how Google Drive functions.