Button Stack

Hi all

Now that the menu can be turned off, Button Stack is great for doing a quick branching scenario.

I need help though in turning off the "continue" (for use of a better term) that shows up at the bottom of each screen. I don't want the learner to be able to click this to flow through in a linear fashion, I want them to make a selection that will jump them to the relevant screen.

Perhaps I am just missing an easy option somewhere, or does this not exist?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael,

Are you referring to this navigation language at the bottom of each lesson, shown in this screenshot?

Although there isn't a built-in feature for hiding that navigation, it looks like Zsolt was able to hide that language in his sample course here. I would reach out to him to find out how he did it! 

Michael Bauer

Yep, that's the one!

In the Peek video introducing this new function to remove the menu, it was mentioned about using it for branching so presumed that this function was made available. Can't really "branch" if the user can carry on through in a linear fashion.

I love Zsolt's creation, and at least now turning off the menu doesn't require Javascript. I presume removing the navigation still does but is too advanced for me. In fact I don't even understand basic basic Javascript ... for now I can just build my scenario and wait (and hope) this feature is added so I can remove it. Fingers crossed!