Can a "mailto:" link be used within Rise?

I'm currently testing out and learning rise.  In an introductory "lesson" we would like to show photos and contact info for staff. I would like to make the staff person's email address be a link that would open the learner's email app.  I tried editing the embed link function in rise, but no matter what, it automatically appends "http://" in front of the "mailto:" link.  Any help will be appreciated.


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Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,

With the buttons it works fine, I was referring to the nice auto-effect when in the regular paragraph you type text, an email, then press enter, and Rise automatically because of @ recognizes it as an email. only it creates a ling which is in a format "http:s://mailto:...." -- the substring "https " or http, is added automatically, making this link broken and mailto not working. If I manually update the link to the mailto: by removing the http substring - it still doesn't work.