Capturing a name in Rise

It was 2016. Rise just came out and I posted a "futuristic example" of storytelling with Rise (and a little JavaScript magic.). Several people contacted me recently about that example. It's old and Rise got a lot more to offer after three years. 

But if you want to play around with capturing the name and using it inside the content for storytelling, here's the updated version:


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Hello Zsolt.

Your process looks very cool, skillful, and straightforward. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I certainly did something wrong. The main problem is: the pop-up does not appear at all (so no way to insert the name).

I followed your Rise course step by step (very clear): create a course with _xname_ in it, export it for the web, unzip the exported course, open the index file (with Visual Studio Code) and insert the 3 lines at the bottom instead, add the other 3 files to the main directory where the index.html is located. Then, I run the index file in my browser: the Rise course is perfectly correct (the same as before), without pop up. I uploaded all files to my website: same problem.

If you, or anyone else, have any idea where I went wrong.

Merci d'avance. (Thank you in advance.)

Thierry (from France)