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Mark Altin

Hi Crystal,

I'm adding my voice to this as well. 90% of what I use this feature for is labeling screenshots for web tools. All of the web tools (Confluence, Workday, Salesforce, etc.) default to having black text on a white background. The markers just don't appear. 

My solution is to tint the image so the white is gray, but it is a silly problem to have. I would be happy with an "invert" option where I could set the marker to be the accent color by default and turn gray on hover.



Joshua Chilcoat

I submitted a formal request but thought I would post in here also.

I am new to Articulate, but this was the first thing I noticed when creating Labeled Graphics. Until full customization of marker colors is available, I would suggest creating the option to flip/invert the Accent Color Theme specifically for the markers. A toggle switch could easily live right below the Marker Style (when editing the Labeled Graphic).

For example If my Accent Color Theme is Green:
By default, the Labeled Graphic marker will first appear white with a green icon, and then green with a white icon when clicked.
Alternatively, if I was to toggle the ‘Invert Color’ switch, the Labeled Graphic marker will first appear green with a white icon, and then white with a green icon when clicked.