Conditional seekbar equivalent for Rise?

Hi Articulate community,

I'm in a course building bind. I have a learning plan that I need to create out of a series of lengthy videos with very limited options for cuts/edits/breaking up into learning chunks.  There is a better version in build for future, but the current need is to quickly create some Rise courses with the seekbar disabled as the content is compliance-related and must be viewed. I am wondering if there is an option for a conditional seekbar in Rise. If not, has anyone found any creative ways around this so that a learner in a Rise course must view the video content in full on the first pass, but will find it unlocked after viewing in full once?


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Sarah,

If you uncheck the "allow forward seeking option" it will work exactly the way the conditional seekbar works in Storyline: the first time the learner views the video, they won't be able to use the seek bar, but if they rewatch it, they will be able to.

Let me know if you have any other questions.