Does RISE change IDs after translation?

I am trying to re-import a modified XLIFF file but it failed...

Here are the steps I followed:

1. Copied the English version and made a copy for Japanese.

2. Exported the XLIFF file from Japanese.

3. Uploaded the translated XLIFF file to the copied version.

4. Successfully uploaded.

Now the translator sent another XLIFF files with modified texts (This XLIFF files has the same IDs as the XLIFF file used in step 3). But when I try to import, RISE says: Import failed.

I exported a XLIFF file from this translated Japanse module, seems like now the IDs are changed. 


Does RISE change IDs after the first translation upload?

Can we re-upload a modified XLIFF file in RISE, if so, what is the behaviour?


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Sanduni Fernando

I ended up creating a fresh copy from English and doing all the things from scratch. That's what Arituclate recommended if there was an issue.

I experience this issue for some files but for others, it worked as expected. May be the IDs in the XLIFF files are changed by translators accidentally or something happening..but could not figure out what has happened.


We are having the same issue with Storyline. We export file, translate it, import it back, it does not work. Export the file again to find the IDs are different! We update the translation for the new exported file, then import it, it works.
This is taking much efforts, specially if the translators deleted some rows!