Duplicate video and links functionality found in webinar recording pages

I'm looking to add a video of presentations to a RISE course and would like to set up links to specific sections of the video similar to how it is done in the webinar pages where you can view the content after the event.

You have the page set up with the video at full screen and below it is the list of content topics and links to the specific spot in the recording (screen shot).

I know you can set up a video with links/triggers to cue points in Storyline 360 related to certain times in the video. 

I wasn't sure if you can set up the Storyline slide where:

  • you get full video when added to a RISE page, and the links are a separate item
  • or if you have to make the video smaller so you can put the links/triggers into the same Storyline slide and export the combined slide to RISE instead.

Is there any way to duplicate your look/feel in a RISE/Storyline course?



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Renz Sevilla

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our presentations! Our webinar presentations are custom built and work differently from what you may find in a video block. 

As you shared above, you can use triggers and cue points in Storyline 360, however, you can't use cue points in Rise separately to affect the Storyline Block.

Your second idea could work, where you have a Storyline slide, with a smaller video and trigger links in the same slide. You could then insert this as a Storyline Block within Rise 360. The Storyline Block would be independent of any links or controls present in the Rise 360 course. 

Hope that clears thing up for you! The community may chime in with a custom solution or workaround as well!