Error on Rise Mobile browser (Chrome)??

I am using an iPhone and view the RISE content.

Problem 1: I cannot proceed to the next page because the arrow at the bottom not showing up at all. I kept scrolling but the arrow wont' stay static for me to click.

Here is the link that I was trying to view on my phone.

Problem 2: If you click on the Storyline example (first item) to view any of the modules. There is no sound on the phone but it was fine when I use a laptop to view the RISE page. The sound problem both happening on Safari and Chrome on the mobile device.

Can anyone from Articulate RISE to look at this mobile browser problem?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Evelyn! 

Thanks for including the course Share link! I tested it on an iPhone in Chrome, and I was able to hear audio for the Storyline content, as well as click the next lesson button at the bottom of each lesson.

Here's a quick iPhone screen recording. (Note: the audio for the Storyline slides plays louder when I'm not recording the screen). 

I noticed you hyperlinked the Storyline content below images. This might be confusing for learners since it opens the Storyline slides in a new mobile browser window. Did you know that you can embed Storyline content directly in your Rise lesson? Check out the Storyline blocks feature, and let us know if you like that better than hyperlinking the content.