Examples of using Rise to create interactive, mobile-friendly procedures?

I've been pondering an idea lately about how we could make our written procedures (for very detailed, technical tasks) more engaging and easier to quickly find the help someone needs without skimming through the whole document.  I'd also like to be able to link in specific clips from demo videos we have posted on YouTube where they can watch the unpacking, assembly, configuration, and repacking of various computer equipment.  Does anyone know of examples for doing this in Rise?

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Susan Schleef

Thanks, Crystal - 

I got busy before the holidays and forgot to come back here and check for replies!  I just went thru the examples you shared and they are very helpful.  I think the first 2 especially could work for our situation, maybe combining the checklists and the GIFs.  I think I'll work on mocking up a short example (in my spare time LOL!) and let others on our team check it out.