Frequency of updates

Hi Articulate, i'd like to comment on the frequency of updates to the Articulate 360 tools.  When I compare to another online tool we use (Vyond), your tools don't compare!  They are releasing many new features every month and present good value for money.

Rise/Review are well overdue new features.  I hope this will improve next year!

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Lea Agato

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andy. We're committed to improving our products here at Articulate. In fact, we have shipped out over 300 features and enhancements since Articulate 360 was first launched in Nov. 2016. While we don't have a single page where we've listed all the features for Articulate 360 that we've delivered so far, the Articulate 360 Version History is the best place to find details of the work we've done.

For 2021, we plan to narrow our focus on enhancing sharing and collaboration features for Articulate 360 apps, as well as improved organization and content management. We're also continuing work on Rise 360 features to better support accessibility. We look forward to sharing these enhancements with you as they become available!