Here's how to change the START COURSE button and LESSON references in RISE

I just updated my website using Rise ( and made a few adjustments to the JavaScript since it isn't really a course. I changed the following:

·         START COURSE button change to FIND OUT WHY

·         DETAILS link to AT-A-GLANCE

·         Lesson x of xx to Idea x of xx

·         NEXT LESSON in footer to NEXT UP

·         Lesson x in footer to Idea x


To do this, I used the following steps:

  • Export as a non-LMS web page, download the zip file and extract it.
    Use a script editor like Notepad++ or Sublime to edit the content > lib > main.bundle.js file.
  • To change the START BUTTON, move to the top of the file and use search (Ctrl F) to find the statement: overview__button
    You'll see a statement like this on line 83:

    ("overview__button","brand--ui",{"brand--color":!c.src});return e.createElement(v.Link,s({className:p},i),n)}

    Change the n to be what you'd like the START COURSE button to display. Make sure you wrap it in quotes. For example:

    ("overview__button","brand--ui",{"brand--color":!c.src});return e.createElement(v.Link,s({className:p},i),"FIND OUT WHY")}

 Save the file and re-load the page to view the changes.


  • To change the DETAILS link, move slightly to the right on line 83 or use search (Ctrl F) to find the statement: overview__details-trigger-text

    You'll see a statement like this:

    e.createElement("span",{className:"overview__details-trigger-text brand--ui"},"Details"),

    Change "Details" to be what you'd like the details link to display, for example "AT-A-GLANCE" (keep the quotes in place).
  • To change the lesson wording at the top of each lesson, move to the top of the file and use search (Ctrl F) to find the statement: lesson-header__count. This should be on line 64.

    You'll see a statement like this:

    r.createElement("div",{className:"lesson-header__count"},"Lesson ",t," of ",n)),

Change "Lesson " to what you’d like to display. If you don’t want the lesson numbers, remove:  ,t," of ",n from the statement. For example:

r.createElement("div",{className:"lesson-header__count"},"Idea A")),


  • Finally, to change lesson wording at the bottom of each lesson, move to the top of the file and use search (Ctrl F) to find the second occurrence statement next-lesson__title. This should be on line 84.

    You'll see a statement like this:

    r.createElement(f.Link,{className:"next-lesson__link",to:"/list/"+encodeURIComponent(t),onClick:i},r.createElement("div",{className:"next-lesson__title brand--ui"},"Next ",u?"Lesson":""),r.createElement("div",{className:"next-lesson__name brand--ui"},u?"Lesson "+o+" - ":""," ",n)

Change "Next " and "Lesson" to what you’d like to display. For the row that displays beneath, change "Lesson " to what you’d like to display. If you don’t want the lesson numbers, remove: "+o+" (including the quotes) from the statement. For example:

r.createElement(f.Link,{className:"next-lesson__link",to:"/list/"+encodeURIComponent(t),onClick:i},r.createElement("div",{className:"next-lesson__title brand--ui"},"Next ",u?"Up":""),r.createElement("div",{className:"next-lesson__name brand--ui"},u?"Idea B - ":""," ",n)

  • Save the file and re-load the page to view the changes.
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Stephanie for sharing that idea and the steps here with other folks! Just as a reminder for anyone else, the feature to update the labels such as "start course" is a feature on our roadmap slated for Q1 2017. We'll let folks know once it's released, and when released it'll be immediately accessible to you in Rise. 

Molly Brown

Ashley, I know that the ability to edit the button text is coming, but will we have the ability to change the button to a shape? For instance, as a global company with a lot of translation needs, we'd prefer to just have a play button with no words... do you know if this is part of the plan or should I submit an enhancement request? Also, will we be able to delete buttons entirely (for instance, we'd like to delete the "Details" button.) Thank you!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Molly, 

So far I've only heard the feature described as changing the Labels text, but not the button or modify the shape.  But if you're inserting text, I think you'd be able to insert special characters or symbols too (I know I can do it for standard text on each Rise lesson or title) . Definitely submit it as a feature request so that we can track it - and when the label editing feature is released, I'll also test out my theory about special characters - for example here's the one I put in the title that kind of looks like a play button? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello All!

Happy to announce that you can now customize the default text labels in Rise. This gives you the ability to make built-in course elements, such as buttons and lesson headers, say what you want them to say.

Brian has started a great discussion here if you'd like to check it out and you can find our support documentation here.

As always, we keep our Rise Version History up to date too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know we released some additional Rise label enhancements yesterday. You can now export text labels for built-in course elements, such as buttons and lesson headers, customize or translate them, then import them back into Rise. Here are directions on how to do so. 

Let us know if you need anything else or have any questions. 

Michael McGinnis

Great enhancements for the labels and buttons. But is it possible to export and change the text outside of Articulate? That didn't seem possible when I exported the Employee Wellness demo as No LMS—Web Only. The content is apparently encrypted in Javascript but it's not plain text or HTML. I searched the directory for the word "crabby" (which is used in Lesson 3 Gauging Your Wellness) but it didn't come up.

Leslie McKerchie

I wanted to pop in and share a bit of good news with you Michael :)

We released a new feature in Rise today:

New: You can now localize a Rise course into other languages. Export text to an XLIFF file, translate it, then import it back into Rise with formatting intact.

Because Rise is a web app, new features and fixes are immediately available, though you might need to export a Rise course again to update existing published output with a new feature or bug fix.

Kelly shared an announcement you can check out here and our Rise Version history can always be found right here.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Bob,

The color of the Start Course button depends on your courses's theme colors, which you can update in the Course Settings.

You can change the theme fonts, but certain elements -- like the Start course button -- aren't impacted by this font customization.

If the ability to customize ALL the fonts would make authoring in Rise easier for you, please log a feature request to tell us more. 

Barry Stoner

Rather late I know, but I wanted to say thank you Stephanie Harnett for this post. 

I needed to change the course title of a Rise course that I no longer have access to, and was able to use these instructions to do it.

In my case I updated the following line in the main.bundle.js:

{className:"overview__title brand--head"},'My new title goes here')}