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JC Blanchard

This technique has been talked about before, but it's a bandaid solution. I need the flexibility to add a link to any image, wether in an image block, quote, grid, accordion, etc.

One problem I find with the Storyline Block is the extra spacing between it and the text. There is no way to make the image appear as to be part of the text because it is not possible to get rid of that spacing.

Why is it so difficult to implement this? If you could at least explain why it takes so much time to implement or fix basic features that many people ask for, it might be less frustrating for us.

In the past 3 years, I have submitted 3 issues pertaining to Rise 360.

  • Add hyperlink to images (2017)
  • Unable to modify text formatting of hyperlink (2017)
  • Change bullet color in Rise to match the color of text (2018)

None of them have been resolved.

Harry Carter

I agree. Rise is a nice tool but come on now. Seems like Rise.com took precedent over Rise 360. It's getting a bit noisy in here but I still see nothing happening as far as the MANY common sense type requests, including many that are considered "mainstream essential" by any 2021 standards.

Terry Bell

I agree, I'm personally tracking a number of bugs or requests for "features" that, like this one, should be considered basic functionality. Many of them have pages of users begging for some kind of movement but they have been ignored for years.

What can we do to make Articulate listen to us? If anyone has suggestions, I'm listening!