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"What can we do to make Articulate listen to us? If anyone has suggestions, I'm listening!"

Switch to another product? I did a quick search of top authoring tools, it's shocking how far down the rankings Articulate has fallen in many of these lists.

As someone said before, 'Sorry for my sharp tone'. But this really feels disrespectful to your customers to have basic features, requested for years, completely ignored.

Jonny Kowal

Hi, new to articulate. Yep, surprised that after so many years (going by this thread) that there is still no way to make an image a link. For example redirecting to a survey site I want learners to be access. I have a nice image illustrating a redirect to a survey but no way to make it a link. I do not want to use a text link at all.

Can I ask why this hasn't been created yet? With so many people asking for it and all.


Jonny Kowal

We again have had requests to have images as links from stakeholders involved in another elearning project we're building. Can I please get an update on this functionality. As creating text links is already a feature, why can't this simply be done for images? It's a standard function with almost every other authoring software I've ever used. Please can you push this to the top of the list. Out of all the other forums I've read, this one seems to be going on without any changes taking place. Building a storyline block just doesn't cut it. Slow, clunky, buggy. Please and I hope thank you very soon!!

Boyd Bastian

Like many others I got here through a google search for this functionality and, like everyone else I'm disappointed to see that, after 3 years, nothing has been done to address it. 

Sadly, there are probably 10 or so other threads just like this that I've happened upon that go the same way:

-customer requests feature

-canned PR response from Articulate

-more customers request feature

-canned PR response from Articulate

-customers check back

-canned PR response from Articulate

-customers continue to ask for it

-Articulate rep finally admits that they aren't even considering adding the feature

And we all get to walk away thinking of band aid approaches, alternative ways to deliver content, and left feeling dissatisfied with the product that has so much potential...

A request like this could be allowed by simply letting us put in some coding that would be displayed.