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Katie Riggio

Hi Michael,

You certainly can!

Peek saves mp4 versions of your screencasts and Rise lets you import those .mp4 video files. You can even copy the Peek's shareable link as well.

Here are two ways to achieve this –

  • Option 1: Click on the video pre-built lesson in which all of your published videos from Peek will appear below. Select your Peek, click Upload, and voilà! Your Peek is now on your Rise course.
  • Option 2: Click on the block custom lesson, then Multimedia on the left hand side, then Video. From there, you can upload your .mp4 Peek file.

I also made these quick Peeks here and here to visually walk you through these two options!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Jen!

Peek 360 automatically saves an MP4 video of your screencast on your computer here:

%username%\Documents\Peek 360

But if you’re away from your computer or ever need to recover the MP4 video, you can download it from Review 360.

  1. Open your web browser to your Review 360 home page and click your screencast to open it.
  2. Click the More ellipsis (...) in the upper right corner and choose Download.
  3. Select a location on your computer and click Save.

Once the video is saved to your hard drive, you can upload it to a Rise 360 video block. Let me know if you need help with those steps!