Is Rise Content Library Given up?

I found this photo of two lamps over a month ago when building a timeline block.  I need to change the block to an interactive tab block.  For the life of me, I cannot find this image in the content library.  I have tried lots of search words.  One specifically that made me feel like the content library has given up is "two lamps facing each other"  Please try this exercise with me. Do you get images of latte art?  cats? beaches? squirrel? and a few wedding images.  Can anyone 1. find the stock image I have attached and 2. comment on how I can do better with future searches.  Thanks!



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Renz Sevilla

Hi Sarah! Looks like you had some trouble finding some images in Content Library, and I'm sorry to hear about that.

I was able to find the image by searching for "black and white lamps" and scrolling down a few rows through the content. I've attached the actual image for you to use in Rise 360, so hopefully, that helps! I've also taken a screen of what it looked like when I searched for the content.

If you have trouble, you can always go to the original image you had in the Rise 360 block, right-click in the browser, and Save the image to your desktop to reupload.

The Content Library has photos and illustrations from 7+ million images from several sources and is updated frequently. You may have just had some bad luck with some search terms, but you're on the right track! Tags on images may have been updated, or new images may have been added that push the old results further down. I can suggest thinking of key identifiers such as "number, color, item, person, place", that should help narrow things down!

Sarah Walbridge-Jones

Thank you, Renz! I really appreciate you answering both of my questions. I had a harder time with images for this health care compliance course.  A lot of the images returned from the content library were covid specific when I searched things like "healthcare" "physician" "doctor"  but now this makes sense since you have explained that images get new "tags" placed on them.   

Jennifer Paz

I'm am so glad I decided to search for a solution to the same problem: Being unable to re-locate an image that I found only days ago in Content Library (for use in Rise). While the solution above worked for me when I right-clicked the image I wanted to reuse AND FIRST opened it in a new tab BEFORE saving it to my PC (otherwise, I'd get the thumbnail size), there is one giant gap in Rise's otherwise amazing ability: It lacks a project media bin! Need I say more? I am creating courses to teach vocabulary and will be reusing the same images in various activities, but having to save them all outside of Rise should be unnecessary. Mind you, I'm grateful to not have to waste hours re-searching for them in Content Library (which needs better tagging and an advanced search engine). [P.S. I just requested the feature.]