Keeping track of quiz scores in rise

I've seen some similar questions around, but I haven't seen any answers that hit what I'm wanting.

We're developing a course and the requirement is just that the learner completes the package. There are some knowledge-check-type questions throughout the package. The client says they don't mind what the pass rate is but they would like to be able to check up on average scores etc.

Is there a way to do this in rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alex!  Rise allows you to create knowledge check blocks, which is an informal way for your learners to see how they're progressing with your content.  Knowledge check blocks are not graded in the sense that they don't report information to the LMS.  They simply provide a lean-forward moment to engage your learners.

Rise also gives you the ability to build Quiz lessons which can report a score and other quiz data to your LMS.  You can track a single quiz in Rise when you export your course.

It sounds like your client might benefit from using a quiz lesson in your Rise courses to see how well learners are doing!  If passing is not a requirement, have a conversation with your client about letting learners know what their quiz score means, as they'll see pass or fail messaging when it's completed.