New Year resolution (a proposal)...

Hi Articulate Team,

Here's a proposal :

In main.bundle.js on the super long line 803, could you add a switch statement and pass as a variable the condition linked to the language selected by the user?

I do this manually, when the only line to change is : i.a.createElement("div",{className:"curtain__spinner"}),i.a.createElement("div",{className:"curtain__text"},"Your course is loading.")))}

So for my French courses I code : i.a.createElement("div",{className:"curtain__spinner"}),i.a.createElement("div",{className:"curtain__text"},"Téléchargement du cours.")))} (or 'Téléchargement de votre cours." to be more accurate with your English statement) 

In Spanish it would be : i.a.createElement("div",{className:"curtain__spinner"}),i.a.createElement("div",{className:"curtain__text"},"Cargando su curso.")))}

I think it would be great if this could be automated. :)

And, I invite other interested users to offer translations in their languages as to help expedite this simple coding process.

Cheers! And Happy New Year! ;)

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