Picture in Pucture in current publish version missing


In 2 month ago, I publish the coruse and the video has picture to picture function as reference screenshot 01_Previous.png.

When I use the same course to re-publish again today, the function picture to picture missing from the video player as reference 02_Current.png.

Could you please let me know why picture to picture function missing in current publish?

Best Regards,

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Rangsarit Kritboonchu
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rangsarit! Thanks so much for reporting this problem to us -- we are seeing the same thing. We'll take a closer look into why this changed, and we'll follow up with you if there's an update to share!

Thank for looking into this Alyssa, we are still seeing the same problem about picture in picture nowadays, if you have any update that would help.